Beachvolleyball Volkspark Friedrichshain

3... 2... 1... Action(camera)!

GoPro Hero 6

Did you see that? DID YOU SEE THAT POINT?! No? To Bad! It was awesome.
Don't miss any spectacular action or funny scene anymore. It doesn't matter wether your action takes place on land, on/in water or in the sky. Just film it.

Now its time to be right in the thick of it - not just on the sidelines!

Facts + Prices + Manual

  • Facts GoPro:

    camera in a sturdy and waterproof housing (up to 10m),
    lots of possibilities to attach,
    implemented Wi-Fi functionality,
    video in 4k, Full HD and more
    photo (12MP) - single, 3 in 1 second or time lapse

  • Prices

    10,-€* / day, if camera is additional to sport equipment,
    20,-€* / day, if only a actioncamera is needed
    *rent it for more days and get a discount

  • Quick Start and Manual

    the cam is easy to handle, so the quick start guide is totally enough, but you can take the complete user manuel as well, your choice:
    Hero 6 - Quick Start Guide

    Hero 6 - User Manual

training & match analysis

  • Wow. So much room for improvement.

    Film your play or training in video resolution up to 4K resp. screen resolution 4096x3072 (thats higher than FULL HD, you know). Conntect the GoPro via WiFi with your smartphone or tablet and watch the videos after the game for an analysis or just for entertainment. For a direct data transmission is a GoPro-App needed (playstore, there are also apps for free), otherwise the "old school" variety via USB-cable works fine as well.

more filming opportunities

  • GoPro with tripod

    filming in a safe distance

  • GoPro as "headgear"

    right in the thick of it

  • GoPro as "Dashcam"


  • Soundcheck

    trash talk at its finest

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