Dodgeball mikasa / molten  equipment

Dodgeball at the Beach

You know the 5 D's of Dodgeball? You can dodge a wrench or traffic? If yes, you should try Dodgeball. If not, you should try it anyways. This Funsport is a lot of fun. And maybe you and your pals will one day be at the Dodgeball BeachCup Event.

  • Dodgeball Equipment

    Courtline 8x16m + 2x 8m "middle" lines
    6 Mikasa Dodgeballs

  • Price

    30,-€ / day
    *No time for playing all day? No problem. From 3 p.m. onwards you have only to pay 15,-€ for the rest of the day.

contact us
mobile: 01731904493

Denny Rückstieß
Scharnweberstraße 24
10247 Berlin (Friedrichshain)