beachvolleyball am ostseestrand in prerow

The sand is our home!

Planned a trip to the baltic sea? Rent Beachvolleyball Equipment for your trip. Build it up at the beach and whenever you are in the mood for some exciting rallies you guys meet on the court. Whenever & wherever you want!

  • Fact Sheet Beachvolleyball Set

    Funtec Pro Beach Set:
    stable aluminium-posts
    net heights 2,24 m, 2,35 m oder 2,43 m
    top-quality Beachvolleyball net 8,50 m
    Beach Courtline: 50mm, 8x16m
    1 pair of antennas (DVV Beach 1)
    + 1 Beachvolleyball

  • Prices

    40,-€ / day*
    3 days and more 30,-€ / day
    much more days, more discount, more fun in the sun

    *No time for playing all day? No problem at all! From 3 p.m. onwards you have only to pay 20,-€ for the rest of the day. Dig this!

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