ultimate frisbee / ddc

Ultimate Frisbee / Double Disc Court

I guess everyone have already thrown a frisbee in life. But did you ever tried Frisbee Games like Ultimate Frisbee or Double Disc Court? Its more like just throwing and catching. Welcome to the next level.

Prices for Ultimate und DDC

5,-€ / day

  • Double Disc Court

    Wham O Frisbee DDC 110 Gramm
    2x Courtlines 13x13m

  • assembly instructions

    Set up the Fields. Take the Frisbee. THROW!

    more useful links:
    WFDF: rules
    how to play

contact us
mobil: 01731904493

Denny Rückstieß
Scharnweberstraße 24
10247 Berlin (Friedrichshain)