Volleyball am Maschsee in Hannover

Get some Fun in the Sun!

Perfect for some fun & activity between cake and dinner at a birthdayparty. Up to 12 players and lot of fun for adults and children.

  • Fact Sheet Volleyball Set

    Funtec Pro Beach Set:
    stable aluminium-posts
    net heights 2,24 m, 2,35 m oder 2,43 m
    top-quality Volleyball net 9,50 m
    Beach Courtline: 50mm, 9x18m
    1 pair of antennas (DVV Beach 1)
    + 1 Beachvolleyball

  • Price

    50,-€ / day*
    3 days and more 30,-€ / day
    much more days, more discount, more fun in the sun

    *No time for playing all day? No problem at all! From 3 p.m. onwards you only have to pay 15,-€ for the rest of the day.

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