beachvolleyball am ostseestrand in prerow

Play it LOUD!

Especially suitable for infants and elders cause you can hold the tamburin with both hands and it requires only little force to hit the ball for long distances. So you can try to keep the ball in the air as long as possible or you meet on the court for a 2 versus 2. Grandparents against Grandchildren. Winner gets some ice cream!

  • Fact Sheet TamBEACH Set

    Funtec Pro Beach Set:
    stable aluminium-posts
    top-quality Beachvolleyball net 8,50 m
    Beach Courtline: 50mm, 9x18m
    1 pair of antennas
    4 Balls
    4 Tamburello:
    classicTam280 - framesize Ø28cm

  • Prices

    50,-€ / day*
    3 days and more 40,-€ / day
    much more days, more discount, more fun in the sun

    *No time for playing all day? No problem. From 3 p.m. onwards you have only to pay 30,-€ for the rest of the day.

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