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fivb tournament net with swatch branding

Official FIVB Tournament Net

Did you ever have played on a fivb tournament net? If not, you should test it. The sound, when the ball hits the top of the net its not the same as it is on the standard yellow nets you can find everywere. Among all these yellow nets you will attract beachers and passersby like light the moths.

  • Fact Sheet Beachvolleyball Set

    Funtec Pro Beach Set:
    stable aluminium-posts
    net heights 2,24 m, 2,35 m oder 2,43 m
    FIVB Tournament Net 8 m
    1 pair of antennas (DVV Beach 1)
    Beach Courtline: 50mm, 8x16m
    + 1 Beachvolleyball

  • Price

    60,-€ / day

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